Who doesn’t know Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell? Both the stars have made their name in the industry through hard work and getting valuable projects.

Although the two have been in the news at different times in their Hollywood journey as a result of their film-related issues, this time, it isn’t about that. So what is it about then?

If you’re a fan of either Sydney Sweeney or Glen Powell or even both and you want to know more about why both were a trend in the latest Hollywood news, then you are in the right place.

This article is for you. Scroll down further to know more about it. Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell are reportedly dating. Yes! You heard it right.

The co-stars fell in love while shooting for a project together. And these feelings allowed them to start going out together.

More About Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell.

Sydney Sweeney

The fans of both have been excited after the news officially went viral on the internet. But how did the news circulate on the internet? Did a source spread it online? Or the stars

did they themselves? Well, here are the answers you have been eagerly looking for. According to reports, Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell are working together on a film.

Although not much is known about their next project, the only thing that’s shared about the project is that the film will be a rom-com with the legendary Will Gluck as its director.

And it seems that while they were shooting intimate scenes in the film, Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell must have felt that spark between them and therefore, decided to start going out together.

The two stars spotted one another before the announcement of their next film. As mentioned before, the film is directed by Will Gluck.

He directed many other rom-coms as well, two of the most popular being Easy-A and Friends With Benefits.

And now, Will is moving forward on a different rom-com journey at 34 years old Top Gun: Maverick fame, Glen Powell, and a 25 year old Euphoria fame, Sydney Sweeney.

Only time will tell if the two stars will seriously have something charming with one another or their chemistry will only be seen until the release of their rom-com. Stay tuned to find more.