Black is that particular color with suits on men in addition to women but we will love this black that Netflix is ​​bringing us with the title Is That Black Enough for You?!?, well that’s the question that we must answer!! !!

The upcoming film on Netflix will focus on the history of Black cinema, with a special focus on African-American films released in the 1970s era. To give it a touch of reality there will be many archives in addition to interviews of eminent personalities of that era.

We all love cinema and we cannot deny this fact but what’s the reality behind the screens that will somehow be highlighted in this documentary?

So below we are presenting some insights into this upcoming documentary about Netflix titled Is that black enough for you? Just to say, read this article only to the end!!!!

Is That Black Enough for You?!? release date:

Is It Black Enough For You?!?

This documentary Is That Black Enough For You?!? will be streamed in the month of November as a treat for you. Along with many other interesting contents that will come out in one of the films on Friday November this movie will even be streaming on 11 November 2022 which is obviously Friday.


The duration of this cinematic documentary on Netflix is ​​2 hours and 15 minutes. Well, this is quite predictable because it is going to be made up of many interviews and archives from famous personalities.


Yes, Netflix released the official trailer of this documentary to offer you an idea of ​​what it is going to be.

In case you have not seen the trailer yet there isn’t any need to worry because we are here to provide you the link to access the same:

Go and have a look at it to make your decision whether to watch this documentary or not.

Cast Members

Is It Black Enough For You?!?
The Guardian

Below take a look at the list of artists you’ll see as cast members in this documentary:

• Harry Belafonte
• Samuel L. Jackson
• Laurence Fishburne
• Whoopi Goldberg
• Margaret Avery
• Suzanne de Passe
• Charles Burnett
• Glynn Turman
• Billy Dee Williams
• Zendaya

The film has already premiered on October 8, 2022.

Review of Is that black enough for you?

Is that Black Enough for you?!?” tells the story of Black film in a singularly creative and unprecedented time — the decade from 1968 to 1978, when Black actors, Black stories and Black talent behind the camera exploded , in Hollywood and the upcoming universe of independent film.

Looking at the review you can judge for yourself whether it’s worth watching or not.

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