The upcoming four-part television miniseries ‘Tom Jones’ is a reimagining of the 1749 comic novel by one of the first English novelists Henry Fielding- ‘The History of Tom Jones, A Foundling’ which is among the first English classics. literature.

Gwyneth Hughes adapted the screenplay with Georgia Parris serving as director. Although the plot of the series has not yet been revealed, one can easily answer that the plot will be based on Fielding’s original novel involving the titular protagonist Tom Jones who is a bastard, the heroine Sophy, Blifil who is Tom’s rival, Squire Allworthy. who is Tom’s guardian, etc.

When Tom Jones Releases?

Tom Jones

Adapter and executive producer Gwyneth Hughes called Fielding’s text “the mother of all romcoms”. Other executive producers joined her in 2021.

All filming took place in Northern Ireland. Solly McLeod and Sophie Wilde were announced as the main cast members at the time with Hannah Waddingham joining the cast in November 2021.

PBS released an official preview of the upcoming series on YouTube on January 18, 2023. It is anticipated to be released on April 30 of this year in the United States.

Cast Members of ‘Tom Jones’ Season 1:

Solly McLeod-
Solly McLeod-

British actor Solly McLeod he was cast in the role of protagonist and titular Tom Jones in the following series. McLeod previously appeared in the British supernatural crime drama series ‘The Resurrection‘in 2022.

That year he also played in Sir Joffrey Lonmouth HBO“Game of Thrones Prequel” byHouse of the Dragon‘. MacLeod will also star in two upcoming series ‘Jericho Ridge’ and ‘The Dead Don’t Hurt’.

Sophie Wilde-

Sophie Wilde

She plays the heroine of the classic Sophia, Sophie Wilde he was cast in the next series. She also played the lead character Mia in the Australian supernatural horror film ‘Talk to me‘in 2022.

She will star as Sophie Pentigel in the upcoming Australian film ‘The Portable Door’ which will be released in 2023. She will also participate in the miniseries ‘Uncalculated’.

Hannah Waddingham-
Hannah Waddingham
Oh! Online

As Lady Bellaston we will see a British actress who won the Primetime Emmy Award Hannah Waddingham in the next series. Her previous television credits include ‘Benidorm’, ‘Partners in Crime’, ‘Game of Thrones‘, ‘Krypton’, ‘Sex education‘, ‘And Ted Lasso‘.

James Fleet-
James Fleet

Portraying the famous character of Squire Allworthy will be an English actor James Fleet in the next series. His previous TV credits are ‘The Vicar of Dibley’, ‘A Dance to the Music of Time’, ‘Brotherly Love’, ‘Chambers’, ‘Partners in Crime’ etc.

Shirley Henderson-
Shirley Henderson
Radio Times

Scottish actress Shirley Henderson she will be playing Aunt Western in the upcoming miniseries. Moaning Myrtle is shown in the Harry Potter series. Her previous TV credits include ‘Hamish Macbeth’, ‘The Way We Live Now’, ‘Dirty Filthy Love’, ‘Southcliffe’ etc.

Alun Armstrong-
Alun Armstrong

The character of Squire Western will be played by an English actor Alun Armstrong in the next miniseries. His other television credits include ‘Days of Hope’, ‘The Stars Look Down’, ‘Murder in Eden’, ‘Stanley and the Women’, ‘Goodbye Cruel World’, ‘Goggle-Eyes’, ‘Our Friends’ in the North’, ‘Oliver Twist’, ‘New Tricks’, ‘Bleak House’, ‘Little Dorrit’, etc.

Pearl Mackie-
Pearl Mackie

British actress Pearl Mackie will appear in the role of Honor in the next series. Mackie portrayed Bill Potts, the Twelfth Doctor’s companion in the tenth season of ‘Doctor Who‘.

Tamzin Merchant-
Tamzin Merchant
Entertainment Weekly

English actress Tamzin Merchant she will play the role of Aunt Harriet in the upcoming miniseries. The television series she has starred in include ‘The Tudors, ‘Salem’, ‘Supergirl‘,’Carnival Rowetc.

Julian Rhind-Tutt-
Julian Rhind-Tutt

He portrays Fitzpatrick, an English actor Julian Rhind-Tutt will star in the miniseries. His other television credits include ‘Keen Eddie’, ‘Oliver Twist’, ‘Any Human Heart’, ‘Blandings’, ‘Castles in the Sky, etc.

Susannah Fielding-
Susannah Fielding
The Independent

The character of Mrs. Waters will be played by the English actress Susannah Fielding in the next series. She previously starred in the series ‘I Want My Wife Back’, ‘The Great Indoors’, ‘This Time with Alan Partridge’, ‘Life’, ‘The Cockfields, etc.

Daniel Rigby-
Daniel Rigby
The Mirror

As Partridge, we will see an English actor Daniel Rigby in the next miniseries. His other television credits include ‘Eric and Ernie’, ‘Big School’, ‘Undercover’, ‘Jericho’, ‘Flowers’, ‘Sick Note’, etc.

Felicity Montagu-
Felicity Montagu
The Guardian

She portrays Bridget Allworthy, an English actress Felicity Montagu will appear as a protagonist in the series. Previously she took part in the series ‘Ffizz’, ‘Health and Efficiency’, ‘I’m Alan Partridge’, ‘Nighty Night’, ‘Suburban Shootout’, ‘Hank Zipzer’, ‘This Time with Alan Partridge’ etc.

Other cast members who portray important characters of the story are James Wilbraham as Blifil, Janine Duvitski as Mrs. Wilkins, Dean Lennox Kelly as Black George, and Lucy Fallon as Molly.