Those who watched episode 2 are debating whether the War Machine is a literal Skrull or not.

Secret Invasion Episode 2 was released on June 28, 2023, and Episode 3 will be released next week, and here we have shared the latest updates of the next episode.

the Marvel Cinematic Universe has a terrific name in the industry as among the best production companies with regards to making Hollywood movies.

The production company has made tons of superhero movies that are based on the characters created and developed in comics by none aside from the great. Stan Lee.

And it wouldn’t be a bad thing to say that Marvel Cinematic Universe has worked quite hard to reach this position in the industry.

Marvel Cinematic Universe has now become one of the leading production companies in the world and they’ve created this image of themselves by working hard in the industry. There are tons of Marvel movies that are made right now. The first one came in 2008 and that was it Iron Man.

And since then, Marvel Cinematic Universe has not looked back and thus they became the best in the business, even above Warner Bros. Marvel Cinematic Universe produced Avengers: Endgame which falls in the top 5 highest grossing films of all time. This is the aura that was created by the Marvel Cinematic Universe alone.

Secret Invasion Episode 3 Release Date and Episode 2 Details.

Secret Invasion Episode 3

Because of its movies and series, Marvel Cinematic Universe all the time finds itself trending in the entertainment section of daily news. And this time it is about their ongoing series, Secret Invasion. Here is what has been spreading about the series.

Marvel Cinematic Universe is working on its latest series, Secret Invasion. The series focuses on the life of the leader of the Avengers, Nick Fury. The production giant has been releasing episodes of the series every Wednesday. And on June 28, its 2nd episode arrived on Disney+.

Secret Invasion Episode 3 will be released next week on July 5, 2023 on Disney+.

Those who watched episode 2 are debating whether the War Machine is a literal Skrull or not. So is it true? Is War Machine really a Skrull? Or is it all just a rumor? Well, here are the answers to all these questions.


The superhero fandom lost their minds when they saw that Nick Fury, played by Samuel L Jackson, is married to a Skrull. A conversation in the episode revealed that there are Skrulls living as Avengers on the planet. And that could mean the War Machine could be a Skrull.