The upcoming show Wellmania is inspired by Brigid Delaney’s new novel of the same name, which appears to be out in January 2023.

Brigid also conceived the future show, which will be presented by Benjamin Law and Belinda King. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming comedy Wellmania.

What is the plot for the movie Wellmania?

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When Liv realizes she has a significant health problem, she is forced to reconsider her “live fast, die young” philosophy.

She dives head first into a quest for health, doing everything she can from the harmless to the odd in an try to quickly recover and recapture her former healthy life. But now that she’s been diagnosed, she’s not so sure.

She embarks on a journey to health care while convincing herself that she is capable. She intends to try everything possible to return to her former life, no matter how difficult it sounds.

Who will be in the cast of ‘Wellmania’?

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Celeste Barber shown to Liv
JJ Fong shown as Amy Kwan
Genevieve Mooy shown as Lorraine Healy
Lachlan Buchanan shown as Gaz Healy
Remy Hii shown as Dalbert Tan
Alexander Hodge portrayed as Isaac Huang
Simone Kessell shown as Helen King
Virginie Laverdure portrayed as Valerie Jones
Johnny Carr he’s portrayed as Doug Henderson.
Miranda Otto
Leah Vandenberg
Aden Young

What will be the release date for ‘Wellmani’?

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Netflix is satisfied to announce that the 1st season of ‘Wellmania’ will be released on March 29, 2023. The 1st season of ‘Wellmania’ will include 8 episodes, each lasting half an hour. the series will be available internationally on the streaming platform.

Is there a trailer for ‘Wellmania’?

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Unfortunately, there isn’t any trailer yet! the Wellmania show teaser has yet to be produced, and we haven’t any idea when it is going to be accessible.

The filming of the show, on the other hand, had led to early 2022, and if we’re lucky, we might get to see a teaser for the drama show pretty soon.

Since the show is set to be released in March, we should possibly get a trailer before then. It is feasible that the trailer of the show may be released by the end of February or early March.