From there, a South Korean TV series is currently being talked about for a 2nd season, and here are all the details. There are many South Korean TV series that are attracting attention because of the various genre that it presented in front of audience.

And that’s the reason why the demand related to its renewal or the sequel has increased a lot if we compare with the previous time. And for the same reason, many makers of certain series decide to come out again with their story and their casts and characters for the sequel.

The same thing happened recently with the South Korean TV series called Yonder. It is a web series that has created lots of science fiction related news.

Yonder Season 2 Update

It is based on a book of just about the same name which is written by Kim Jang Hwan. TVING and Paramount Global are the ones who developed the series on the other hand, It is written by two incredible writers called Kim Jeong Hoon and Oh Seung Hyun.Yonder Season 2

Talking about the direction then it was Lee Jun-ik well directed the season 1. When it comes to Yonder season 2 then there was no official announcement made by the makers. If things go according to the fans’ favor then we can get it someplace in late 2024. But it all depends on the rating of season 1 as the makers haven’t decided to go with season 2.

Talking about the story then it’s related to a man who receives a message from his dead wife. Then the title of the series called Yonder enters the mode which is an unknown space where he met his wife for the last time. The science fiction story comes in several forms and it also comes in the same way.

Talking about the cast and characters of Yonder season 2 then it is feasible that we are going to have someplace close or virtually the same actors again with certain characters. It is due to the demand that the story can receive and also from the fans. So here are the expected cast and characters of Yonder season 2:

Shin Ha-kyun as Ja-hyun, Han Ji-min as Ye-hoo, Lee Jung-eun as Se-rin, Jung Jin-Young as Doctor K, Bae Yoo-ram as Pro Park, Choi Dae-sung, Cha Soon -bae, Yoon Yi-re as Peach, Choi Hee-seo as AI Seri, and Jo Bo-bi as Joeun.