Here’s everything you need to know about James Corden and his 10-year relationship with his wife Julia Carey.

There are many celebrity couples who love one another so much and that’s the reason why there’s something special in their relationship.

From years to decades and plenty of more, they decided to spend their lives together while also having a family. And for the same reason, celebrities are seen as those who have some couple goals to give to other couples.

The same is the case with the TV host of The Late Late Show called James Corden and Julia Corden. Now he’s officially done with the show called The Late Late Show.

And the same is occurring with his segment called Carpool Karaoke. James joined the show after taking over from Craig Ferguson in 2015. It was not long ago when James made his announcement related to saying bye to the show in 2022. And the only reason behind it’s to give time to his family and youngsters.

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About James Corden’s 10 Year Relationship With His Wife Julia Carey!!

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It was back in January 2023 when the host recorded some special moments in his life that made him realize why he needed this break from his career.

James said he needed a better work environment: “I won’t ever work in a better environment than the one I work in now.

Nothing about leaving the show had anything to do with not enjoying it. I love it, but the reality is that it became a really easy decision because I all the time knew it was an adventure and that I never considered it as the final destination”

It was all on the Drew Barrymore show where James Corden went further and said: “I got in the car and that I called my wife Jules and that I said, ‘I noticed, the best case scenario is that we have six more summers where Max is. like, even from a distance he has to be around us and I can not waste another one.”

Coming to Julia Carey and James Corden then met one another in 2009 through one of their friends. At the time Julia was working for a humanitarian organization where James was introduced to Julia through a mutual friend named Dominic.

When James appreciated his wife’s beauty, she must have responded with a sweet gesture.

When it comes to their married life then they started dating in 2009. And by the end of 2010, they were engaged. Shortly after nearly two years, the couple decided to get married in December 2012.

Coming to kids they then welcomed their first child in March 2011 named Max. The second was the daughter who was born in October 2014 named Carey and then Charlotte who was born in December 2017.