Jenna Ortega is devastated by the death of the original Wednesday his name is Addams Lisa Loring. We have seen how some celebrities motivate not only their fans but also other celebrities on a big level who became a part of their lives.

Whether it’s related to professional or personal life involvement, everything gets noticed and gets news. Talking about things like this then many of the roles of certain celebrities presented in certain films or series have come back again. And the fans also gave equal love to both the roles.

Among them is the role of Wednesday which was first performed by Addams Lisa Loring and later by Jenna Ortega. However, news came unexpectedly related to the death of Lisa Loring that left the current Wednesday actress devastated.

Lisa was the first actress to play the role of Wednesday Addams in the family film called The Addams Family. This film was released in 1966 and had a big impact on many actresses of the next generation.

Here’s What Jenna Ortega Said About Lisa Loring’s Death!

Jenna Ortega

Coming to the actual role of Wednesday then this is finished by Jenna Ortega who was inspired and influenced a lot by Lisa. That’s why when Lisa Loring goes missing, Jenna took to her Instagram story and added a really touching message. She thanked the actress for everything and shared how her death is devastating.

Lisa’s death was then announced by her longtime agent Chris, who said she passed while surrounded by her family. She also brought a really iconic character to life, not only in the present scenario but in Hollywood history. And that’s the reason why people are still celebrating it like they used to and it is going to be lost.

After this sad news, many other celebrities also shared their tribute to the actress. Some fans also came and paid tribute to the actress by sharing pictures and writing heartbreaking captions. Many of them appreciated not only her skill in acting but also as an excellent person.

The actress Barbara Crampton also shared her heart while paying tribute to the late actress: “Rip dear Lisa Loring. Delightful in the role of the youngest member of The Addams Family, your iconic presence as the original Four will forever be remembered. You were an important part of our cultural history. I was so glad to meet you. I hope you knew how much we loved you”