Jenna Ortega says she cried hysterically during her busy schedule Wednesday. We have seen that if a series or show becomes a hit then fans like to see behind the scenes of particular episodes or scenes.

Whether it’s related to the details of filming or production or even the character building process, they want to know about each and everything.

And if this stuff come through the words of actors and producers or even the director himself then it will easily be highlighted in the news.

The same happened with the famous Wednesday actress Jenna Ortega. She shared an incredible experience while working with some incredible people on set.

The 20-year-old actress shared details related to her acting and dancing skills in addition to her talent for learning cello lessons. The character was really difficult and needed an enormous amount of preparation which the actress ultimately did.

Due to the same reason, her schedule was really full and tiring. She was so busy that the actress even contracted COVID. When you speak about this stuff then Jenna Ortega recently talked about it in detail.

Here you can look at What Jenna Ortega had to say about crying on the Wednesday Schedule!

Jenna Ortega

She revealed about her zoom meeting and how she used to give 12 to 14 hours a day to learn some lessons and prepare for the character. The actress said:

“It showed that I set up two hours early, do this 12-14 hour day, then go home and then start on Zoom and take whatever lesson I had. Or go to my apartment, my cello teacher was already waiting for me.”

“It was just constantly going on, and if you could on the weekend if we weren’t shooting on the sixth day of that week, it was ‘Okay, then, we’ll take your lessons on that day'” added Jenna Ortega.

The cello sequence was one of the toughest things she had to undergo. She had many teachers because they were staying overseas for filming. For the same reason, she couldn’t sleep properly and pull herself together. It was many face calls that her father used to make where the actress ended up crying hysterically.

However, the producer and director gave her sympathy and assurance that she will ultimately do well with the character. They promised her that ultimately it will look good on her and also for the character in the series.

Due to the same reason, they started running out of time as it was in virtually every scene. At some point in the same, the makers started using the stunt double to go with cello doubles. But the actress remained adamant about the lesson, which later resulted in great success.