Jennifer Aniston talks about the comment that annoys her the most on social media or in person!

Jennifer Aniston reveals one comment that’s inappropriate when people say about her appearance. There are many things in celebrities that are appreciated over time.

And amongst them is unquestionably their work that’s in the entertainment industry as a singer or actor or any other form. We speak about all these items then the things related to beauty and fashion also come in the same line.

Whatever it’s, definitely some celebrities give appreciation every day but at the same time, there’s something that’s not really appreciated.

Jennifer Aniston revealed something like this while going with one compliment that she does not like. And this compliment is related to her age. According to the actress, she does not like it when someone compliments her on her age.

Comments like “You look great for your age” and she walks like a banana and all these items never work in Jennifer’s favor.

What else Jennifer Aniston shares about being charming for her age?

Jennifer Aniston
The Guardian

The actress Jennifer said that it’s the habit of the society where they said some kind of mark according to the age.

But where do all these items come in when the 54 year old actress said she was in better shape when she was 20 years old. It came through an interview where the actress talks about all these items very openly.

We know that Jennifer Aniston has done many works but what remains in everybody’s memory is the iconic role of Rachel in FRIENDS. Almost 20 years have already passed since the series ended. It was released back in 1994 and have become an enormous success.

In another interview, Jennifer Aniston talked about having a collaboration with a fitness brand. She also changed her perspective related to work while collaborating with this brand.

When it comes to the things she is known for other than acting then it is unquestionably fitness. And for the same reason, we have seen Jennifer Aniston share many updates related to our exercise and yoga. It wasn’t long ago when Jennifer Aniston shared a video of her hair routine.

The actress showed how to maintain good and healthy hair without going to any damage. And it was nothing but her own brand that she was giving all the care to.