Fans of Jennifer Hudson and Common are quite happy right now as their favourite artists have been spotted together. And it will not be a bad thing to say that they were looking quite happy together. Maybe they’re falling in love? Only time will tell.

It was a normal Saturday for virtually everybody but not for Jennifer Hudson and Common as they decided to go out on a date together and spend some quality time together. Where?

The couple was spotted leaving a Malibu restaurant. It was midnight which meant they were going out after dinner. What’s better than having dinner with someone you love, right?

If you’re a fan of either Jennifer Hudson or Common and this isn’t enough information for you and you want to know more about their day, then scroll down further to get an in-depth report of their day together.

Jennifer Hudson and Common’d Day Out.

Jennifer Hudson

Paparazzi spotted Jennifer and Common in Malibu on Wednesday together. And they clicked tons of photos of the couple leaving a restaurant. It seems they were eating together.

In the adorable pictures captured by the Paparazzi, Komuni can be seen dressed in khaki pants with a sweatshirt. On the other hand, Jennifer Hudson was wearing a sweatsuit and a bright pink jacket. Maybe the couple decided to choose street style for their date together.

If you are a fan of either Jennifer or Common, you might want to get a glimpse into how they in fact met. So here’s the story you really wanted.

Jennifer and Common connected on the sets of Breathe. It is an upcoming movie about the couple together. If we speak about the genre of the movie, it is going to be an action-thriller full of adventures and fight scenes to intimidate gen z.

All this happened in July last year. And since then, Jennifer and Common have sparked dating speculation. Here’s what Jennifer Hudson said ET when they asked her about the speculation,

“People create their own narratives and it is like, OK, you know, how do you feel. We shot a movie together and he played my husband. We must eat between those moments.”

Well, it seems that she is quite proud of Common as she has had a past of very disturbing relationships. Her fans should be quite happy for her.