Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez enjoyed their date night at the Grammy 2023. We have seen how celebrities normally try to go on an outing related to the celebration themselves or their partners.

Sometimes it is just a casual outing while other times it is a suitable dinner date or lunch date. Any event cannot stop them from having the best days together.

And that’s the reason why they try to give a few appearances on the red carpet in addition to inside the event that’s easily caught on camera. The same happened with some couples present at the 2023 Grammys.

This time it is Jennifer Lopez and her husband Ben Affleck. The two of them appeared on a romantic date on February 5, 2023 at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.

The two were seated right next to one another in the audience where the actress was wearing a dark blue Gucci dress with a plunging neckline. She looked as charming as ever in her diamond bed while wearing light makeup. The singer was also wearing a Bulgari diamond necklace and her engagement ring.

Here you can check some pictures of Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck from Grammy 2023.

Jennifer Lopez

Coming to the actor then he was wearing a suit and tie. He was also wearing his wedding band while sitting next to his wife. Ben Affleck he was smiling while looking at Jennifer Lopez and the camera.

It came to the details of the dress so Jennifer Lopez chose a blue color and her open hair that was going with a little curl. She applied a nude lipstick that matched her makeup and skin tone.

The couple married in 2022 after getting back into a relationship during a break of just about 20 years.

Leaving everything behind in 2004 the couple decided to get back into a relationship in 2021 and after a few months they got engaged.

Returning to the events then it was she who announced the first award of the night which was related to Best Pop Vocal Album.

She was Harry Styles who got the prize and took it home looking as handsome as ever. Jennifer Lopez joined the stage without her husband but in terms of Ben Affleck’s reaction then it was good. He was happy to be there in the audience and took a look at his wife.

The Grammy 2023 was hosted by a comedian and anchor Trevor Noah. This is the third consecutive year hosting this musical event.