If you are Jennifer Lopez, everything you do makes headlines and even at the age of 53, she’s undoubtedly probably the most talked about names in the world.

The popular actor, singer and dancer has over 232 million followers on Instagram and is the 17th most followed personality on IG, and it is beyond incredible how much popularity she’s gaining even in this the age.

JLo made a big noise last year when she got married for the fourth time in her life to her long lost love Benjamin Géza Affleck generally called Ben, the couple lasted twenty years back in 2002 and were supposed to get married but the -marriage is stopped because of multiple reasons.

But the couple was in touch all this time and after nearly 20 years they started dating again in 2021 the very next year they finally got married in July and this is actually one helluva love story worthy of a movie.

Jennifer Lopez’s home is available, but its price may shock you.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez and her husband Ben they were on honeymoon tour for months and had an excellent time but now it is back to work and as soon as they got back to everyday life, JLo is back in the news and this time for something really different.

The popular artist wants to sell her luxury mansion and its price will surprise you like it did many others, her California mansion is available for 42.5 million dollars.

Interestingly, JLo bought the house in 2016 and she paid a hefty 28 million dollars for it, the home is designed in the French style and is probably the most lovely mansions you’ll ever see consisting of all the luxury money can purchase, so obviously it’s not for the common people.

Meanwhile, JLo and her new partner have already bought a mansion worth 65 million together but still, it is going to be interesting to see who will be the customer of JLo’s house.