Jennifer Lopez shared a picture of her husband Ben Affleck’s shirtless Daddy on Father’s Day. There are many occasions we have celebrated recently.

And if we speak about celebrities then there are various celebrities who have decided to celebrate these occasions very privately while on the other hand, some have decided to keep it on social media.

We speak about all this stuff then the recent occasion or celebration came with Father’s Day. And for the same reason, we have seen many celebrities come on social media and thank the fathers in their lives.

Among them was Jennifer Lopez who decided to go with a special tribute on Father’s Day. She paid this tribute to her husband Ben Affleck on June 18 via a post on social media.

The 53-year-old singer posted a shirtless picture of her husband with a selfie. They both celebrated this day through a vacation that she called a place of daddy appreciation while she used it as Father’s Day.

In the picture, one can see the tattoos of Ben Affleck and how his good body is the focus. And in the second picture, one can see the selfie where Jennifer Lopez’s hair was down.

Jennifer Lopez Shares Husband Ben Affleck’s Shirtless Picture On Father’s Day!

Jennifer Lopez

The actor was wearing a black shirt and both of them looked very cute while they were with one another. As soon as Jennifer Lopez decided to upload this picture, many fans started commenting.

One of the fans appreciated the love between the two while another appreciated the way they deserve one another. One of the supporters even said and concluded that both are great parents not only to their kids but also to one another.

Besides celebrating Father’s Day with her husband Ben AffleckJennifer Lopez also posted a picture of her father who is David Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez was looking lovely while wearing round earrings and keeping her hair down. While on the other hand, Papa Lopez was wearing a white shirt and looking out directly into the camera for a selfie.

The singer stated that he loves his father very much while wishing him a Happy Father’s Day. To go with the life of the couple then they’re already the parents of 5 kids.

Jennifer Lopez is the mother of twins, Emme and Max, whom she shares with ex Marc Anthony. Ben Affleck is also the father of three kids and the eldest is the daughter Violet then Seraphina and Samuel with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner.