Looks like Jennifer Lopez is on good terms with Jennifer Garner, her husband’s ex-wife!

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez appeared with her 15-year-old daughter Emme at Ben Affleck’s ex, Jennifer Garner.

The concept of Modern Family is seen in Hollywood where the previous partner and the current one try to be friends with one another.

And for the same reason, even after separation or divorce, they try to go with core parenting for their kids. They also seemed to treat their partner’s kids as their own.

The same happens with many celebrities present in Hollywood who share everything like a family.

Jennifer Lopez is one of these who decided to meet Jennifer Garner. The 15-year-old girl Emme was also seen with her mother while she was seen outside the house of the ex-wife of Ben Affleck.

Jennifer Lopez With 15-Year-Old Daughter Emme Visit Jennifer Garner!

Jennifer Lopez

The actor married Jennifer Lopez after his split from Jennifer Garner but still shares an awesome bond. And the same is seen with Jennifer Lopez who also tries to have the same connection with the actress.

Emme appears to be there with her mother but until the end Max was not there. Coming to fashion then the singer was seen wearing a black coloured sweater over the white top.

She was also seen wearing black baggy pants and carrying flat shoes. To match everything, Jennifer Lopez decided to pull it back in a ponytail and framed herself with glasses.

Emme, on the other hand, was wearing a white and printed sweater with denim shorts. She was also wearing white stockings and carried her hairstyle with a black and white bag.

This release was made only a few days after Jennifer Lopez admitted that it’s difficult to bring out kids with any kind of popularity.

She has to face many things in her daily life which someplace are affecting her family life as well. When it comes to certain things then Jennifer Lopez said that there are various things for Mark.