Jessi J finally confirms that her boyfriend Chanan Safir Colman is the father of her newborn baby. There are many things that celebrities try to keep very private themselves unless and until it is critical to tell the world.

Whether it’s related to personal life, particularly to that of relationship and confirmation, or professional life, everything falls in the same line.

When one talks about all these items then the private life remains one of those in the news linked to the name of the person they’re dating and the child as well.

Jessi J entered the same category as she gave one of the sweetest tributes to her boyfriend Chanan Safir Colman. It all started with the singer’s pregnancy where everybody wanted to know the father.

And finally, the singer decided to come forward and said that it’s her boyfriend who is the father of her newborn baby.

Jessi J shared a picture of her newborn baby.

Jesse J

The baby is a son and he’s living a healthy life right now. 34-year-old singer Jessi J gave birth to her rainbow baby on May 12, 2023.

And for the same reason, the singer took to social media on Saturday, June 3, 2023. She reflected on her relationship with her boyfriend through the story on Instagram and uploaded a picture of herself holding her hand in the delivering room.

The picture was lovely and lots of fans started uploading it over and over from their account which got lots of attention. Many people started commenting saying that it’s a perfect goal to set with a partner.

While others said that this is what one needs in life and that’s a perfect partner and a healthy baby.

They come to Jessi J and Chanan so they’re really happy to enjoy this new face in their life. She walked with the tribute then the singer said:

“I struggle to keep things private. I believe if you know me you know that. lol I want [to] I protect the people I love and keep it for myself only… And then I often think f*** because life is short but I do not want to regret it. Once you open the door you can’t close it. Bla Bla Bla… And so on and so forth.”

Jesse J

Jessi J continued and told how she met her boyfriend after the injury that happened in 2021. He came into her life like a light and left all the dark days.

She called love and pregnancy a miracle, she is actually feeling grateful for the day and the best gift of her life.