The married couple Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello are separating by divorce after 7 years!

Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara are headed for divorce after 7 years of marriage. Many celebrities are very well known for their personal lives.

Whether it’s related to any excellent news that’s coming in the life of celebrities or any bad one that’s related to their day to day life. We discuss the dating life of celebrities then it’s probably the most talked about town related to them entering into a relationship or getting married or even having a separation.

Hollywood is such a place where the private life of celebrities treated as the main point of the news.

The same happened recently with the Modern Family famous actress Sofia Vergara and her long-term husband Joe Manganiello.

After 7 years of marriage, the couple is headed for separation and then divorce. The couple revealed that they’re officially decided to separate and divorce one another. The news came through them who officially announced it while calling it the difficult decision to divorce and separate.

Joe Manganiello And Sofia Vergara Headed For Divorce After 7 Years Of Marriage!

Joe Manganiello
Los Angeles Times

According to them, they were two people who love and look after one another and decided to separate. And for the same reason, they’re asking for respect for their privacy and even the time they’re moving and navigating this part of their lives.

According to the source, the couple still doesn’t live together as they were growing apart and taking the distance. The source also claimed that the couple didn’t instantly decide to undergo with the divorce as it was a well managed decision over time.

It did not take long for Sofia Vergara to celebrate her 51st birthday. And on this occasion, Joe Manganiello went on Instagram and shared a throwback picture of them.

Almost completing 8 years of marriage, they’ve been posting regular pictures of themselves on social media but at the same time they’re keeping very low key in terms of their private affairs. Many fans also speculated that the couple haven’t been together for nearly more than a year.

Sofia Vergara on the other hand celebrated her birthday not with her husband but with her friends. She continues to share a picture of trips that weren’t with her husband and for the same reason, many fans began to notice her.

The couple have been living together in Beverly Hills in a 7-bedroom, 11-bathroom home since 2014.

The arrival of their relationship then began in 2014 when they met one another for the first time at the White House correspondence dinner.