With action, adventure, and drama this trio is a perfect dose of entertainment for each viewer. There is a component of superficial things as well in this upcoming movie called ‘Jung_E’. We are talking about an upcoming movie on Netflix and the country of origin of this movie is South Korea.

As the days are passing the Korean industry is widening its range of content other than romance and flower stuff it’s coming up with action, adventure, thriller, mystery, and plenty of other genres. The Korean industry is showing its worth on the streaming giant Netflix.

I’m sure you want to know more details about this upcoming Netflix project so do not miss anything keep reading this article till the end!!!

When will Jung_E be released on Netflix?


The movie Jung_E which is full of action-adventure drama and superficial elements will be released on Netflix on January 20, 2023 in the UK. The day the movie will be released is Friday so this Friday will really be a South Korean movie week!!!!

What is Jung_E’s run time?


The duration of the film is simply one hour and 38 minutes. The length of the film makes it quite ideal to watch in one go without feeling any unhappiness or burden!!!

What is Jung_E’s story?

As already mentioned it is going to be crammed with lots of adventure, drama, and action in one place.

The setting of the movie Jung_E will be in the 22nd century. The problem of climate change had forced all the humans who survived on earth to leave their habitat and live in Shelters made of a human being

Due to the consequence of climate change, the world has now become a liveable place which makes it difficult for humans to live there.

But during their stay in the man-made shelter, there was a fight between the humans.

Jung Yi who is the protagonist of the story is the elite leader of the allied forces. She ultimately becomes the subject of a brain cloning experiment. The cloning experiment is a potential key to winning the civil war. Now it is going to be a very interesting point to see if this experiment succeeded or failed!!

Two other characters in the movie Seo Hyun and Sang Hoon are responsible for the success of the brain cloning experiment that happened with Jung Yi. Seo Hyun who is the leader of the lab team essentially develops brain cloning in addition to AI technology. Well, Sang Hoon is the one who is the director of the lab.

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