This upcoming movie on Netflix which is titled The Noel Diary is largely a romantic comedy-drama. And the story of the film is based on a novel by Richard Paul Evans.

The story of the film is like this: it’s about an author named Jake Turner who ultimately meets a young and exquisite woman named Rachel. The meeting essentially takes place when the author comes back to his hometown during Christmas to settle some issues about his mother’s estate.

During his visit to his hometown, he finds a diary that has something to do with his and Rachel’s past as well.

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The Noel Diary release date:

Noel's Diary

Make some space in your diary if you want to watch this upcoming romantic drama on Netflix titled The Noel Diary.

It will be streamed on Netflix on November 24, 2022. The film that will offer you the Christmas atmosphere is released just one month before Christmas.

Cast Members

Noel's Diary

We will be seeing the actors listed below as cast members in the film:

• Rebecca Connor
• James Remar
• Atkins Essence
• Justin Hartley
• Charles Shyer
• Stephanie Slack
• Margaret H. Huddleston
• David Golden
• Barrett Doss
• Bonnie Bedelia
• Timothy O. Johnson


This Christmas based film will be 1 hour and 39 minutes long. I assume that’s quite an appropriate length to watch it in one go.


Yes, there’s an official trailer for the new November movie on The Noel Diary over Netflix.

The protagonist of the story named Hartley’s Jake Turner is a really popular writer but unfortunately, he receives a phone call around the vacations.

And the news he heard on the call was that his distant mother died from the world. And due to this sudden emergency, he needs to rush home to deal with the goods belonging to his mother.

We saw that he accidentally stops a diary that has a robust connection with his path in addition to with the past of Rachel who is the female protagonist of the story. At the same time, Rachel is on a quest to find out about her mother.
So unknowingly these two individuals have a common thread in their past. They just need to discover it and they’ll be entering a very unforeseen future with one another.

If you have not checked out the video trailer yet click on the link below to watch it:

So remember to take a look at the trailer and make your own decision on whether you are going to watch this Christmas Mood movie or not.

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