It is sad to believe that Kathy Griffin is suffering from lung cancer.

Kathy Griffin is well known in the American industry as one of the leading female comedians. But the star made her presence in the industry by not only being a comedian but also an actress.

Kathy Griffin has worked hard with dedication and pure compassion to get roles in the Hollywood industry in addition to in industries outside the American one.

The Pulp Fiction star has had many notable roles in many films and tv series. All these roles defined Kathy Griffin’s life. And because of these roles, Kathy Griffin enjoys a considerable amount of fan base that’s quite unmatched out there.

Such an enormous fan base is a dream for many stars in the industry. And Kathy has earned this fan base through sheer dedication and hard work towards her roles. The star has made a notable presence in the industry by doing long-form roles that are loved by her fans even now.

62-year-old star Kathy Griffin at all times finds herself in the news because of her rather unmatched fan base. It is trending virtually every day in the entertainment section of the daily news because of something or the other. And fans love to speak about it and keep Kathy in the news virtually every day.

But what’s the reason this time? Why is Kathy Griffin part of the news this time? Why is the star changing in the news? Is it because of another project that you landed? Or is it because of something else this time? Well, here is the answer.

The news is quite sad this time. Kathy is suffering from lung cancer. Yes, it is hard to believe but it is true. And due to this, Kathy Griffin had to experience vocal cord surgery.

Kathy Griffin Is Suffering From Lung Cancer And The Star Has Had A Vocal Card Surgery.

Kathy Griffin

It is sad to believe that Kathy Griffin is suffering from lung cancer. And due to this condition, the star has to experience surgeries and treatment every now and then.

This time, it is the vocal cord surgery that affected Kathy’s life.

Kathy Griffin posted her surgery on TikTok. In the video, one can see that the star has successfully completed the operation.

She even showed a tape recorded by the doctor showing her vocal cords in a healthy position.