Kendall Jenner rocked a sheer blue feather dress at the New York City Chanel event. There are many events happening right now related to fashion. And if we speak about these events then the presence of some celebrities and models will clarify its whole scenario.

Whether it’s related to being the representative of these events or the brand or being the ambassador, everything falls into the same category.

To speak about that, there are numerous things happening right now in Hollywood in which the Chanel event was the most highlighted.

Among them was the 27-year-old model Kendall Jenner as she looked as charming as ever in her recent public appearance. She was seen wearing a sleeveless blue dress that had a feathered bottom.

To match everything, she decided to go with the clutch purse which she carried with confidence. The event took place in New York City this week where the model pulled her dark hair back with a middle part. Going with the footwear then she had added blue pointed heels.

Here you can check some Pictures of Kendall Jenner In Blue Sheer Dress with Heels.

Kendall Jenner

Apart from all this stuff, the make-up was also on line as she wore a natural one while keeping her lips light. This last event took place in a really vintage shop. And no doubt, her easy and stylish look looked more charming with her pair of earrings.

Before making headlines related to her recent appearance, the model was in the news enjoying a date night with Bad Rabbit. Both of them were seen attending the Los Angeles concert of Tyler, The Creator. And for the same reason, we saw Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny spending lots of time together.

The pictures were taken as they were leaving the theater. The two were seen getting into a sports car. This recent date arrived two months after it was said that she is linked to the rapper.

If we speak about her previous dating life then she was with basketball player Devin Booker. However, the relationship ended virtually after two years as things weren’t right between them.

According to the source, the reason behind the separation was that the basketball players weren’t serious in the relationship and that’s why why Kendall Jenner couldn’t see the future together.