Kendall Jenner was spotted leaving a restaurant after dining with Bad Bunny amid dating rumors. We have seen many celebrities move on from their past relationship very quickly and for some it takes time.

Moving forward remains the only option that one can go for as it’s the best because one never knows how the future will be. If we speak about certain celebrities in Hollywood then they’re quite famous for their personal in addition to professional life. They are dating life has become among the best and the same goes for their outings.

The same happened with 27-year-old Kendall Jenner. The reality star was recently spotted with her rumored boyfriend Bad Bunny in California. They were seen together having dinner on Saturday night.

She left the dating news when she was photographed leaving the restaurant but from a different exit. The model looked attractive as ever in her dark brown crop top. She was wearing this and the leather jacket and matched it with leather pants.

Here you can take a look at some pictures of Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny After Lunch.

Kendall Jenner

The model also chose boots. She was also wearing goggles for the day while her hair was half tied. She was surrounded by people while leaving the restaurant, on the other hand, the rapper was not seen taking pictures or leaving the restaurant.

This news arrived after the two were seen performing in a club. According to a witness present in the club, both were pleased with one another.

Another witness thinks the lady with Bad Bunny was Kendall Jenner as she was also adding red nails. Soon their news came out on social media which started to question a point of their status.

It wasn’t long ago when Kendall Jenner broke up with her boyfriend Devin Booker. They started dating in 2020 and separated in 2022 after two long years of dating.

For Bad Bunny, it is the first relationship ever after breaking up with his girlfriend Gabriela. They started dating in 2017 which was considered among the best in Hollywood however it did not work out as he would have liked.

If the model is not making news related to her targets life then she is unquestionably making it with her boyfriend. Kendall Jenner was recently spotted with it Hailey Bieber and her sister Kim Kardashian for the concert Adele. The three of them dressed in black for the night as they sang their favourite songs.