Kendall Jenner with rumored boyfriend Bad Bunny appeared at Coachella 2023. A couple of celebrities who are currently enjoying their lives while doing different outings.

Sometimes these outings are related to their date while other times it’s a normal music concert that gets the eyes of the media in addition to the fans.

If we discuss all this stuff then there are various Music festivals and concerts going on right now in Hollywood. And because of the same reason, we can see many celebrity couples getting together to have fun.

Among them is the truth star in addition to the model Kendall Jenner. Recently she was seen with the boyfriend who is mentioned Bad Bunny who is also there to enjoy the music festival.

It all happened on April 16, 2023 when the model appeared very low while enjoying a concert at the venue. If we discuss these then fashion is something that has also created quite a lot of attention for these two.

Here you can take a look at some pictures of Kendall Jenner With Bad Bunny at Coachella 2023.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner was seen wearing a white shirt and black jeans while on the other hand, while Bad Bunny was wearing a white shirt and white pants. For accessories, Kendall Jenner was wearing goggles and gold earrings.

She was also seen carrying a black purse while on the other hand, the rapper was seen hiding his face with the help of a scarf. He also wore gold earrings and a watch for the day as he paired it with brown shoes.

It wasn’t a few days ago when the truth star was also seen supporting her boyfriend Bad Bunny. At that time it was related to his performance where the model appeared to have the company of a friend and at the same time dance to her heart’s content.

Ever since Kendall Jenner split from Devin Booker, people have wanted to know the truth star’s relationship status. Making back-to-back appearances with the rapper, the model was also seen having fun while taking a horse ride.

When it comes to the relationship then it is extremely new for both of them and that’s the reason why they want to keep it very grounded and not in focus. And that’s the same reason why they aren’t revealing or making it official through their social media or any team announcement.