The singer Kesha revealed about the secret engagement but they ended this engagement however, they remained friends. There are many celebrities who keep their love lives very much on the back burner and away from all the media attention.

Sometimes it’s related to the way they want to live a normal life while other time it’s related to the unnecessary attention given to them that disturbs their privacy.

And if we discuss such things then we enter and exit a relationship and at the same time slowly or ultimately we are revealed which was once hidden.

The same thing happened recently as the 36-year-old singer Kesha virtually became a lady. The singer has opened up about her failed engagement to a secret lover she was once very seriously engaged to.

Everything was revealed while having a conversation with them Rolling Stone which was released on 25 April 2023. The identity of the person was not revealed by the singer but according to her, they’re still friends.

Here’s what Kesha shared about her Engagement Calls.


Kesha is known to keep her private life to herself but other than all these items she was well known to be in a relationship with writer Brad.

It all happened in early 2014 when Kesha revealed how cute he was. The singer also revealed how happy she is to have him in her life and how they’ve attended very few industry events together in all those years. The singer also revealed how they had an open relationship in 2019.

Kesha also once revealed that she is drawn to every kind of sexuality in the past. When it comes to her love life with her fiance then it’s not clear if they’re still together or not or if the song is written for him.

It was back in 2008 when the singer entered the music scene. She even encouraged people to brush their teeth through her upcoming album which was literally very vulnerable.

If Kesha is not in talk related to her love life then she is certainly in it through her fashion sense. Whether it’s related to her Gucci Avatar or any other part of her Avatar, she is well known for it.

Sometimes it is blonde hair and natural makeup that make the headlines while other times it is the perfect dress that goes along the same lines.