Kim Kardashian recently shut down people who talked about Kanye West’s alleged battery incident in front of the children. We have seen how parents are usually sensitive related to their kids and the same goes for celebrities.

And that’s the reason why they first don’t reveal the name and face of the baby until the time it is important or necessary. And if they do they will try to protect them at any cost. If the parents have separated from one another then they try to manage everything so that it doesn’t affect the kids. The same happened recently with Kim Kardashian who protected her kids related to Kanye West’s alleged battery incident.

Kim Kardashian is certainly a really protective mother and it can be seen through the recent incident. While walking to her vehicle, Kim Kardashian shut down some photographers who are asking questions related to Kanye West and his battery incident.

According to some videos that have been revealed, one of the photographers was asking Kim Kardashian about her opinion about Kanye West hitting someone.

Here’s What Kim Kardashian Has To Say About Kanye Wests Battery Incident.

Kim Kardashian

In response, Kim Kardashian said directly not to speak about this to her and particularly in front of her kids. After this incident, the photographer offered an apology to Kim Kardashian in addition to to the kids. It was her eldest daughter North’s basketball game that was seen in Jersey. The kids weren’t at all happy related to the flashing of the camera and that’s why why she told them to leave.

We come to the incident of batteries then a few days ago when Kanye West created a tense situation. When one of the fans was taking a video of himself then Kanye West grabbed the phone and threw it on the street. Later, the fan went further and this led to a robbery investigation.

Everything happened on January 27, 2023 when the official statement arrived quickly which says: “When they arrived, they found out that Kanye ‘Ye’ West had taken a woman’s cell phone from her hand and threw it on the street. He was not there when we arrived.”

The statement went on to say: “Mr. West is being investigated for theft charges. An investigation into this matter is ongoing. Officers were given video footage of the incident.”