Kim Kardashian revealed details about the scary and good things of American Horror Story!

Kim Kardashian opened up about the scary upcoming season of American Horror Story as she revealed that it’ll be good. There are many celebrities now who enjoy their hands in many other formats of entertainment.

Sometimes it’s related to investing in the brand while other times it’s related to going with different series and films. We discuss all these items then Hollywood is one such place where variety follows the most. It is prepared for everybody if the talents come forward.

The same has happened recently with Kim Kardashian as she is coping with many things. It was recently when she talked about her next appearance in American Horror Story season 12.

According to the new comment given by the truth star, it is going to be really scary and good for the fans. All these items came when the model of Instagram decided to go with a round of questions-answers on Twitter.

What More Kim Kardashian Shares About American Horror Story Season 12?

Kim Kardashian

In one of the rounds, fans asked her how she felt about participating in this iconic series. In response, Kim Kardashian said it is totally fun and probably the greatest times of her life.

It wasn’t long ago when the truth star appeared in a video coming from the show directly about the movie. She was there on the roof while she was filming one of the scenes from the series in New York City. The scene was not Emma Roberts.

In this video, she looked beautiful as ever as she sported a high ponytail and wore a long brown leather coat. She also matched everything with black leggings while finishing off her look with heels.

According to the co-creator of the series, it seems that Kim Kardashian entered the big role precisely like her image. According to Ryan, she’s going to be the biggest and hottest TV star in the world and they are thrilled to welcome her into the American Horror Story family.

If Kim Kardashian is not making headlines related to her series then she is making it with her looks. And if not the appearance then some post of her on Instagram is warming the day of many fans.

It was recently when Kim Kardashian opened up about her difficult time dealing with the drama created by Kanye West.