Kim Kardashian had a little fun yelling at sister Kendall Jenner about having multiple NBA ex-boyfriends!

Kim Kardashian trolls her sister Kendall Jenner. There are plenty of fun things that have happened in Hollywood that are family related and sometimes just out of context.

Sometimes it’s related to the Hollywood family or other times it’s related to personal life. When one talks about all these items then one cannot forget some funny moments that happened in Hollywood and have become part of history.

Whether it’s referring to others or creating a scenario that seemed awkward.

The same happened recently when Kim Kardashian, 42 years old, had fun with her sister Kendall Jenner.

More than a fun thing it was about messing with the older sister she decided to go with the younger one.

Kim Kardashian did not say anything directly to the model but she was referring to all of Kendall Jenner’s NBA ex-boyfriends.

Kim Kardashian teased Kendall Jenner.

Kim Kardashian

The reality star made it clear by picking up work in a rocking t-shirt with her sister surrounded by athletes. All of these items were referring to Devin Booker, Ben Simmons, Jordan Clarkson, Blake Griffin, and Kyle Kuzma.

The pattern that emerges with these five men circulated for 4 years. It was back in 2019 when she made it clear that she only dated two of them. Model Kendall Jenner, 27, was linked to Blake in 2017 for a few months. And in terms of Devi Booker then she came out for two years from 2020 to 2022.

Shortly after Kim Kardashian shared a video through Tik Tok and one of the fan accounts reposted it. After all this, the fans immediately came and reacted.

One of the fans said that Kim Kardashian is being real on the tv show and even on social media while others started laughing and went into a different story.

Going with the current scenario then Kendall Jenner is currently making news with musician Bad Bunny.

After splitting from Booker, the truth star was seen making many public appearances with the musician.

And when we speak about Kim Kardashian then she is now single after separating from Pete Davidson and before from her husband Kanye West.