Knightfall Season 3: A Knightly Return Is Confirmed Or Not??

The medieval drama that follows the story of Knights of Templar keeps audiences on the edge of their seats, much like a touring medieval puppet theater. Fans are asking for Knightfall Season 3, especially after the thorny end full of drama and feudal conflicts.

Will we see these knights of the templar fight valiantly, or will their story be cut short from its full medieval glory? You don’t have to be an expert on medieval history to learn everything about Knightfall Season 3.

Knightfall Season 3: Will it be?

Knightfall Season 3: A Knightly Return Is Confirmed Or Not??

Unfortunately, Knights of Templar’s epic and heroic tales have been cancelled. Deadline reported in May 2020 that Knightfall Season 3 was cancelled by History and Netflix.

Eli Lehrer, History’s EVP Programming, stated that “In the face ever-increasing competition we’re proud to have History’s track record in producing signature drama series which are epic in scope and complex characters.” However, these words are not enough to save the show from the fate of being cancelled.

And Netflix did not want to be the shining knight of armour that would prevent the knights from Knighftall succumbing to their unruly fate. According to Netflix’s Head of Original Content Cindy Holland, the decision to allow Netflix to acquire it is based on a variety of factors, including audience response.

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“If the audience does not show up, then we consider the reason for continuing to invest in something that isn’t performing as well as we had hoped. While critical acclaim is certainly important, we are really trying to stretch our investment dollars and make sure that our investors get their money.

While Netflix doesn’t publish its audience data very often, many shows rely on Nielsen to see how their show is doing on Netflix. Unless the show breaks Netflix records, it’s safe for us to assume Knightfall fails to meet Netflix’s expectations in terms of the number and audience that Knigtfall draws.

Netflix will rescind their decision if enough people demand and support the show’s revival. Knightfall fans need to make noise on social media in order for Netflix’s divine power to revive the show, at least for Season 3.

However, these acts of divine intervention are unlikely to happen in a matter of hours. Knightfall Season 3 will not be on Netflix’s screens any time soon. It could arrive as late as 2025 if Netflix decides to continue the series. However, this is not a possibility. It’s just as unlikely as divine intervention in real life.

The show did poorly on The History Channel, their home network. Knightfall received a horrible 0.12 rating among 18-49 viewers. It averaged only 650k viewers each episode. It was almost a miracle that Knightfall was renewed for another season. We don’t think the Netflix numbers will be any better.

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This is a very unfortunate outcome considering that the synopsis of the show is so impressive it would be hard to believe other medieval shows could have done this.

It’s one when protecting The Grail. Bloody. Thing. After. Another. One was the Knights Templar, a mysterious, powerful and wealthy military order from the Middle Ages. They were entrusted with the protection of Christianity’s most precious relic, the Holy Grail, and the storage of secrets that could cause great destruction.

Knightfall dives deep into the dark world of this legendary brotherhood, a group of warrior monks. The story of Knights Templar is not fully told, from their fights in Holy Land to their complicated relationship with King of France to the betrayal that would eventually lead to their tragic end, but Knightfall does.

Are you sad about Knightfall Season 3 being cancelled? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. If you want to see other shows that are not being cancelled soon, check out our article at The Awesome One!

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