Kylie Jenner has revealed whether she regrets having lip fillers or not. There are many celebrities, particularly in Hollywood who have undergone many plastic surgeries.

And nothing is a crime since quite a lot of criticism follows them like anything. The reason behind them is to glorify their beauty in addition to their confidence and that’s the reason why they experience many plastic surgeries or fillers.

If we discuss one of the common things then lip filling is something that has become quite common amongst celebrities.

Speaking of which, the same thing happened recently with Kylie Jenner. The reality star recently revealed whether or not she regrets having lip fillers in her life.

We know that Jenner has had quite a few transformations on her face in addition to her body through cosmetic surgery.

And that’s the reason why it has become a subject of criticism for many people. If one compares her facial structure with that of a few years ago then one can easily spot the difference.

Here’s what Kylie Jenner had to say about her Lip Filler!

Kylie Jenner
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Recently, we found out how Kylie Jenner felt insecure about her lips. That is the reason why in order to gain confidence, reality starts trying to go with filling the lips which isn’t at all something that she regrets about.

It all started back in 2018 when the Instagram models started her cosmetic products starting with lip products.

Through this, she not only gained her body confidence but also gives confidence to many other people. And because of the same reason her lip product became very famous over time. The reality star herself stated:

If Kylie Jenner is not making headlines through all of these then she is making it through her dating life. It was recently when she was in the news related to her rumored dating with Timothee Chalamet.

The news is not confirmed by any of them but several appearances indirectly seem to refer to it. The couple is currently in the start of their dating relationship which is why they want to keep it very private and at the same time very grounded.