Kylie Jenner took her son Aire and daughter Stormi with niece Chicago for a fun day at Disneyland. We have seen celebrities typically want to spend time with their family and friends anytime they’re free.

If it’s not related to meals or parties then they try to give it a special occasion to fulfill the wishes of their families, particularly the kids. And nothing can be the best place than some kids’s areas or child-oriented imagination for these kids since one can easily find happiness.

Among them is Kylie Jenner who recently appeared with her two kids, Stormi and Aire, and her niece who is Chicago. It was fun Disneyland a day that can be seen through pinned Instagram photos and videos.

In the photos, one can easily see the cute reality star son wearing a black hoodie.

In one of the photos and the video, the baby was seen feeding on his phone while sitting in a stroller. The mother also shared some highlights of her daughter as she posed in a mirror for a picture. Stormi was wearing a leather jacket and goggles for the day as he paired it with jeans.

Here you can take a look at some pictures of Kylie Jenner, Her Son Aire, Daughter Stormi, and Granddaughter Chicago from Disneyland.

Kylie Jenner

While on the other hand, Kylie Jenner also decided to match her daughter as she was wearing a leather jacket. If she was also wearing a black t-shirt with black pants while matching with black goggles.

The reality star also appeared in black shoes that were on point. Coming to Chicago then Chicago was wearing a black shirt and pink pants.

This issue was made after a few days when Kylie Jenner decided to show the full picture of her baby. She went on social media and announced the name in addition to the face of the baby which created quite a lot of news. Kylie Jenner has decided to disclose the name and face of her baby after separating from her Travis Scott.

The couple was in an off relationship and eventually separated after having their second child. At first, the baby’s name was Wolf which was later removed and altered to Aire. According to mother Kylie Jenner, the name Wolf was not appropriate for the child’s behavior.

That is the reason why they decided to take their time until it becomes official and permanent. It is also related in a sensitive way about the privacy of their kids and is the reason why Kylie Jenner decides not to disclose her face for a long time.