Kylie Jenner was recently spotted in a black bikini during her Caribbean vacation after months of separation from Travis Scott. We have seen how celebrities generally try to move on from their previous relationship with the help of their work or have an amazing vacation.

And if it isn’t the case then they try to live or spend time with their family and friends. Whatever may be the reason behind the breakup, certainly, moving is the only option left for any people, including celebrities. And that’s the reason why nothing can be better than celebrating it by going on vacation.

The same happened with Kylie Jenner as she appeared in a black bikini while enjoying her vacation in the Caribbean. It is certainly one of her favourite places to be very warm.

After separating from her ex-boyfriend Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner is giving us public appearances one after the other. If you discuss her recent appearance then she was seen in a Black thong bikini.

Here you can look at some pictures of Kylie Jenner From her vacation in the Caribbean.

Kylie Jenner

The model was completely in the waters as if some jewellery was on her body. She was keeping her hair in a half ponytail. She was also wearing sunglasses and accessorizing herself with bracelets. It turns out that Kylie Jenner decided to go without makeup and that’s the reason why she looked like a natural beauty.

When he arrived at the location it was then revealed that it’s the same place where Travis took Kylie Jenner for the last spring trip related to Mother’s Day. He wanted to celebrate mother’s day with her because it feels very special for him to be with her. On the other hand, the rapper was also preparing to perform on stage.

According to some sources, it’s one of her favourite destinations to continue and enjoy the time. The source went on to say:

“It’s one of her favourite vacation spots ever. Travis pulled no stops when it came to ensuring this getaway was super significant and that she would have the best Mother’s Day ever.” The source concluded: “When it comes to engagement, Kylie’s family has been pushing for it so much and everybody can only hope that he proposes soon.”

The couple separated after Christmas. They were supposed to celebrate the vacations together however, the decision to celebrate it independently created lots of doubts amongst fans and the media.