Kylie Jenner appeared to explain the difficulties of her dress at the Met Gala that made her sit for hours!!

Kylie Jenner

Reality star Kylie Jenner recently revealed that she does not sit still for hours while wearing her famous Met Gala dress. There are many celebrities who are very well known for the fashion sense they carry with them.

And at the same time they also reveal the inspiration and the reality that binds it. Whether it’s related to their famous appearance from any event or some random outing, today everything is updated on social media and at the same time on different interviews or podcasts or with the help of sources.

The same happened recently when Kylie Jenner revealed what it was like for her while wearing the famous Met Gala dress. As we know that beauty doesn’t come at a low price as one must pay great attention to it.

When a behind-the-scenes video of the Met Gala was released on her channel, it was easy to see that the 25-year-old Instagram model was trying to fit into her red dress. Reality star Kylie Jenner explains how she could not relax in it. She could not even place it during the whole event.

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Kylie Jenner

The designer and the team responsible for the fitness, also proposed to Kylie Jenner not to move her arm. Coming to the details of the dress then it was an asymmetric robe that had one long sleeve.

Apart from that, the dress was also known for having a dramatic train while carrying the blue fabric. At one point, her 5-year-old daughter came to visit her mother while also giving her a hug with great care.

He came to the designer Haider then made this special piece for Kylie Jenner. Haider is among the actor’s closest friends Timothée Chalamet she is claimed to be dating Kylie Jenner. It was back in 2022 when the actor confesses how he’s a close friend with him as it is really rare.

It came to the criticism of this appearance of Kylie Jenner then followed both positively and negatively. Some people really liked the dress while others criticized it for being pretty simple in this glamorous event.

But no matter what, he was sure that she was really making the dress for herself and rocked in it.