The official trailer of Lady Chatterley’s Lover is finally released on Netflix’s official YouTube channel. It is stuffed with many hints that what precisely we will have in the form of this series.

The story of Lady Chatterley’s Lover is based on a classic novel called Lady Chatterley’s Lover written by DH Lawrence. And the series of novels were based on the subject of an obscenity trial that took place in the United Kingdom in the year 1960.

The novel on which the story of Lady Chatterley’s Lover will be based was an amazing success and millions of copies of the novel were sold but at the same time, it received plenty of criticism from all readers as a result of the obscenity of the series written in that book which is the representation of sexual activities.

If you have not checked out his trailer yet click on the link below to check out it:

What will be the entire story of Lady Chatterley’s Lover?

Lady Chatterley's lover

The protagonist of the story is called Lady Constance Chatterley and she belongs to an aristocratic family. Basically she is a married woman whose husband’s name is Sir Clifford Chatterley and to everybody’s amazement, he’s paralyzed below the waist as he was injured in the First World War.

And the surprising fact is that the couple no longer share as * sexual relationship after the miscarriage.

And we all know that we all have some desires some of them physical too in order to fulfill them Lady Chatterley has a relationship with the gamekeeper named Oliver Mellors. And this confused relationship with Lady Chatterley creates plenty of suffering and drama in the story.

Emma Corrin who we have seen in some of the very popular series like The Crown is showing the role of Lady Chatterley with so much dedication and perfection evident in the trailer.

The electrifying and sensual first trailer for Lady Chatterley’s Lover was released on YouTube on 3 November 2022.

The most electrifying scene of the trailer is when lady Chatterley and her lover were having s*x behind a tree which was full of passion before the scene goes to a flashback to the moments of lady Chatterley’s marriage with ‘ his husband’s name is Sir Clifford Chatterley.

This passionate and sensual Netflix drama is certain to bring many more fans to DH Lawrence’s classic novel.

This extreme sex drama will come out Netflix from 2 December 2022.

And even before its digital release, it is going to be released in theaters on November 25, 2022.

So save your time and your friends too because it is a worthwhile watch for a couple!!!

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