Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted hanging out with his girlfriend Gigi Hadid.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid are going strong in their relationship and here are the details. There are many celebrities rumored couple that get news nearly every week.

But yet at the same time, they never open up about their relationship in front of the media or even the fans. And the only reason behind it’s the unnecessary attention they will get or are getting which may or may not affect their personal life.

The same is occurring with many rumored couples in Hollywood who hope to date one another but never feel the need to open up about their relationship.

The same is the case of Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid. The Romance between these two is going very strong for the last few months. It was back in September 2022 when they were rumored to be dating while spotted at New York Fashion Week.

However, no confirmation has yet come from the celebrity themselves. According to the very beginning of their relationship, they simply hang around with one another and enjoy one another’s company.

At first, many people thought that this would be a terrific friendship which later turned into a love affair.

Leonardo DiCaprio Seen Hanging Out With Gigi Hadid, Girlfriend Was Saying!

Leonardo DiCaprio

According to the source they’re currently talking to one another and going very strong in the relationship. One can feel the energy going around them even after having a 20 year age difference. They share a terrific vibe.

They even started getting involved in other families as Gigi Hadid met Leonardo DiCaprio’s father ie George. She also met the actor’s mother Peggy in London. All this happened on June 6, 2023 when the four were seen driving towards one of the towns in that area.

Their Romance is about to end a year but it has not yet decided to become official. Even if they appear at the same party as the Met Gala held in May 2023 they decided to be separated.

However at the after party of the Oscars, they appeared together and also one of their appearances came in February 2023. It was in February 2023 when the couple got married together in a Milan Restaurant.

At some point it was also speculated that the couple decided to separate since they weren’t seen together for a long time however, it was all just a rumour.