After producing the world’s smallest OLED TV, LG Electronics is preparing to showcase the world’s largest organic light emitting diode (OLED) TV – a shocking 97 inches – at the upcoming electronics show of Berlin as it tries to extend its range of big OLED TVs. .

The IFA 2022 electronics show will begin on Friday in Germany. LG also announced that the LG OLED Evo Gallery Edition TV, an LG 97-inch OLED model, the biggest OLED TV in the world, will be available in world markets soon.

LG 97-inch OLED display

LG 97-inch OLED

An 83-inch 4K UHD TV screen seems unsatisfactory for some viewers. So LG decided to address this first-world issue by developing a 97-inch version of their Evo Gallery Edition 4K UHD OLED TV (TechHive’s top pick in OLED TVs in the 65-inch incarnation) .

Of course, LG’s most extensive OLED panel before this new model – the LG 97-inch OLED – was the 88-inch Signature 8K UHD model, terrific and very expensive.

Price and Availability of LG’s 97-inch OLED

LG 97-inch OLED

LG hasn’t announced pricing for the new 97G2, but we’re hoping it is cheaper than the $25,000 the Signature will cost. We’re betting it will still be near $10,000, considering the 83-inch Gallery Evo is $6,500 and the 65- and 55-inch variants are $2,800 and $2,000, respectively.

LG will exhibit its latest products, including the 97G2, in Hall 18, Messe Berlin, during IFA 2022 (September 2-6). It is not only LG’s largest OLED but also the biggest OLED TV in the world.

Key Features

LG 97-inch OLED

With more than 33 million self-illuminating OLED pixels, the 88Z2 delivers fine detail, deep, deep blacks, infinite contrast, and vivid colours. Meanwhile, the 8K 86QNED99 uses LG’s Quantum Dot NanoCell and Precision Dimming technology to provide clear and bright visuals on its 86-inch screen.

According to a recent industry research analysis, OLED displays are predicted to be the most emphasised technology amongst all transformable displays. This is because OLED displays are self-emitting and thinly structured, which allow the construction of diverse transformable displays, such as folding displays.

The 97G2 is equipped with LG’s latest WRGB OLED technology, which, while not as colourful as RGB OLED, is more accurate in many scenarios, mainly when rendering white.

LG’s 5th generation Alpha 9 CPU will power it, and LG’s excellent display algorithms will be available to produce video with the most excellent quality. This huge TV has the same super-slim, wall-hugging form factor as previous Evo Gallery TVs.

The newest G2 versions provide the most pleasant images, with very bright colours. The tv, ideal for wall installation, combines the company’s newest AI image processing with the latest Evo panels. As a result, he’s extremely powerful, clever, and at the top of his class.


OLED TVs are often considered amongst the best. These televisions can deliver some of the most incredible images because individual LEDs light up to provide a crystal clear picture. So what’s better than a terrific looking television? Great TV that looks terrific. Enter LG, which is prepared to tick both boxes with a new box.

LG will publish the official launch dates for each area in the coming weeks. We anticipate availability in most areas by the end of the year, even though LG has yet to confirm this. We hope so because the 97-inch OLED makes a wonderful Christmas present…