Light the Night Season 4: Cancelled Or Renewed??

“Light the Night” is a Taiwanese crime drama that centers on two women who own a Japanese-themed nightclub that caters to wealthy businessmen in Taipei. Is there a fourth season of Light the Night? Let’s see!

The series, which was set in the 1980s shows the close bond these two women have–Rose & Sue. They are both intertwined in their pasts and in their love lives, which can lead to some rifts.

This mystery series, also known as “Blue Hour”, may be more soapy than others and slower-paced than other shows of its genre, but it’s interesting murder mystery aspect makes up the difference. It has received mostly positive reviews from critics and has a strong fanbase that continues to grow. This crime drama has been aired three seasons since its debut on November 26, 2021. We have all the details we can find about a possible season 4 of this crime drama.

Light the Night Season 4: Possible Release Date

Light the Night Season 4: Cancelled Or Renewed??

The third season of ‘Light the Night’ was released on March 18, 2022 on Netflix. The third season is comprised of eight episodes, each with a running time of 46-55 mins.

Here’s everything we know about the fourth season. Netflix has not made any announcements about series cancellations or renewals. The streaming giant typically gives the show at least a few weeks to settle in before making any decisions regarding future installments. It is clear that the show is beloved and valued by many viewers when we examine the ratings for previous episodes of “Light the Night”.

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Ruby Lin (Rose), revealed in February 2022 that the show could return to a fourth season if they produce a strong storyline. This is even more than what was done for the first three seasons. She said that season 4 could be released at the same time as the spin-off film if the team decides it is worth it.

Fans can be optimistic and hopeful for an update to the mystery series. If Netflix does announce a show update within the next few months we can expect season 4 of ‘Light the Night’ to be released in Q2 2023.

Light the Night Season 4: The Expected Cast

Light the Night Season 4: Cancelled Or Renewed??

Ruby Lin, the lead actress, plays Rose. She is Hikari’s manager. She will most likely reprise her role if the show is renewed for a fourth season. Flashback sequences may see Cheryl Yang as Sue. Sue is Hikari’s best friend and Rose’s owner. We can also expect to see Yo Yang (Pan Wencheng) in a fourth act due to his important role in the show.

If ‘Light the Night’ is turned on for season 4, the rest of the cast could also return. These are Derek Chang (He Yu-en), Esther Liu AKA Hana, Puff Kuo AKA Wu-lien AKA Aiko, Cherry Hsieh AKA Ah-chi and Nikki Hsin-ying Hsieh AKA Yuri. We can also expect to see new characters in the fourth issue.

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Season 4 of Light the Night: The Expected Plot

Light the Night Season 4: Cancelled Or Renewed??

Season 3 of “Light the Night” follows the investigation into Sue’s murder. The authorities dig deeper and uncover more truths. The season uncovers many secrets and the characters each tackle the truth in their own ways. The narrative is a murder mystery with themes of investigation and confession. Some characters also travel back in time. The truth is revealed at the end of the season and nearly everyone does their best to protect their loved ones.

The fourth season might be rewritten if the green light is given. This would follow the events of the last season. Ruby Lin stated in February 2022 that the writing team was open to a new storyline for a fourth season. They didn’t want to repeat the deaths of other characters in order to keep the story going.

Light the Night Season 4 Trailer

Netflix has not yet released or reported any information about Light the Night season 4 – we have provided a trailer for the previous season. Enjoy!

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