In the fall of 2022, “LiSA Another Great Day,” a documentary that follows the decade of anisong singer LiSA’s debut, will be available to stream globally on Netflix. This will be the first Netflix original documentary by a Japanese solo artist.

The 10-year solo debut project “LiiiiiiiiiiSA”, which has been ongoing since April 2021, will conclude with this documentary. It will closely follow LiSA’s days and supply a close-up view of her current face, which can only be seen in this context.

The film’s director is Takatoshi Sado, a renowned television and documentary producer best known for his work on NHK’s Kohaku Uta Gassen.

He stated, “LiSA -san is an excellent star, but she is a really regular person who experiences anxiety in her daily life. “She runs into problems at work for some reason. But I can at all times relate to how she overcomes these difficulties and continues to develop every day. I’m delighted to show her real face to Netflix subscribers around the globe.”

The documentary, directed by Taketoshi Sado, who most recently oversaw Haruomi Hosono’s American Tour documentary Sayonara America, examines how the “Homura” singer enters a new chapter in her career as she celebrates the -its tenth anniversary.

The film shows the human side of the artist as she works honestly to make “every day as good as possible” in a dynamic environment where the songs and live performances that serve as the heart of her career are created.

LiSA is a celebrity, but she’s still a regular person who experiences anxiety on an everyday basis, according to Sado. “She seems to continuously face problems when she’s working for some reason, but I can at all times relate to the way she gets through it and keeps getting better every day. It gives me great pleasure to introduce her Netflix users around.

All About The Netflix Documentary It’s Another Great Day.

LiSA Another Great Day
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In this documentary, LiSA, who has gathered followers not only in Japan but also around the globe because of her many popular songs, including the theme song for “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba,” shows the self its genuine.

She encountered diverse realities and made many mistakes in her life as a result of her “humble” but “unbending” way of living. After going through such things, the young man who had a band and idolized Avril Lavigne grew up and is now one of Japan’s best artists, who will mark his 10th anniversary in 2021.

By dedicating herself as a member of the group that forms “LiSA” without having too much confidence in herself, she reached her goal of being a rock singer, which she had imagined when she was at school.

In this film, LiSA takes us on a journey through the highs and lows of her life as she enters a new stage of her 10-year project. We also meet her in the studio where she designs the songs and live performances that are the heart of LiSA so that each day becomes “a better day.” A documentary that looks at LiSA’s true self as a person who keeps moving forward.