Singer Lizzo said she and Adele were drunk on tequila and wine at the Grammys. We know that Grammy 2023 was remarkable for many things.

Some were known for their incredible Red Carpet looks while others were famous for their performance.

However one cannot forget about the list of winners who broke many records and set new standards for the upcoming artists. But if we go behind the scenes where celebrities were interacting near their tables then we cannot forget about the interaction between Adele and Lizzo.

Lizzo recently opened up about the bottle of tequila she’s been saving up for Adele. The 34-year-old singer revealed that she and the Easy On Me singer were drunk at the 2023 Grammys.

The Grammy took place on February 5th 2023 which was certainly probably the most remarkable night gifts in the history of music.

When we come back to the point then the singer stated that they were so drunk that they do not even realize the categories and that point. They did not even remember if that was given to new artists or some other category.

What they were doing is just to carry a smile on their face so that other people do not know about it.

Here’s what else Lizzo shared about being drunk at the 2023 Grammys.


Later, Lizzo also confessed that she had the tequila to herself with the white wine. She got herself a tequila and handed it to Adele. Coming to Grammy lejl 2023 was then one of the famous singers herself as she won the Record of the Year category for her song called About Damn Time.

The singer was not at all expecting to win this category, however it was a dream that came true. Lizzo also stated that she and Adele were having the best moments of their lives.

Apart from all these items, fans noticed the reaction to Adele when Harry Styles won the Album of the Year category.

Lizzo was absolutely happy for the man however through the video one can see that Adele was not happy. But if we go by Lizzo’s words and the truth then Adele was not upset at all but just too drunk to react in any particular expected way.