As long as you do not spend too much time marveling at the price. Logitech G715 TKL is a reliable wireless gaming keyboard that could one day fight for a place amongst the best portable gaming keyboards.

Logitech G715 TKL: Price

There is little use in sugar coating the undeniable fact that the Logitech G715 is an expensive piece of technology, costing $199. The undeniable fact that you must pay a further $19 (£16, AU $39) for each of the Pink Dawn and Green Flash removable top plates.

As well as $39 (£34, AU$69) for the corresponding sets of keycaps, it is aggravating since the aim of the product is to let you “make it your own.”


Logitech G715 TKL
Logitech G

The Logitech G715 has an 87-key tenkeyless design with a clean key charmingly centered around the subdued use of white, pastel pink and pastel green shades. Finally, we are experiencing a change from the uninspired and uninteresting look of standard gaming keyboards.

White is a superb visual foundation, particularly when combined with the distinctive lighting from the Aurora Collection. But not for everybody.

The Logitech G715’s wrist rest/palm rest is located below the keyboard for added support. It is an incredible addition that goes well with the aesthetic design of the gadget. As an alternate to the more usually seen typical black leather wellies, this plush version stands out.


Logitech G715 TKL
Logitech G

The Logitech G715 is a pleasure to use for both gaming and everyday tasks despite its premium price. Both are more casual games that depend on keyboard shortcuts like Stardew Valley and Minecraft.

As well as fast-paced, action-packed FPS titles like Overwatch and Valorant were fun to play on the G715.

However, if you enjoy MMOs like World of Warcraft. You may want to choose a full-sized keyboard since this neat, non-ten keyboard doesn’t have a Numpad.

Battery life

Logitech G715 TKL
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The Logitech G715 doesn’t have an especially magnificent battery life. Despite the undeniable fact that this varies according to the type of illumination you choose. Logitech estimates that the keyboard can be used for about 25 hours with all LEDs fully on.

The 2.4GHz wireless keyboard that works with USB can be found on The keyboard has a dedicated button to switch between connections and a dongle that’s kept on the back of the device. One Bluetooth profile exists only for the keyboard.

Other features

The G HUB software package from Logitech can be used to control the G715 device. The G HUB is where you can change the RGB lighting on the keyboard, rearrange the keybinds, and adjust the game mode in addition to updating the firmware and checking the battery life.

The “signature” lighting effects from the collection. Including custom startup and shutdown effects in addition to active and static lighting effects, which are preloaded on the keyboard.

We cannot say we missed the tenkey-less form factor, which removes the Numpad that uses far less than the rest of the board, but it is convenient to have the extra game mode button that’s standard on the -all Logitech boards if you ever find yourself in a tournament situation.