Lost Bullet 2 is a sequel to the French film “Lost Bullet”. The French film was released back in 2020 and now after a two-year wait, it’s coming out with its second part.

The movie will be full of action and excitement!!!

To create excitement amongst Lot Bullet 2 viewers Netflix recently released its trailer which is full of action, drama, and excitement.

The protagonist on whom the story is based is called Lino. Lenovo is largely a car mechanic and is very passionate about Ram cars. The story takes a dramatic turn when he’s arrested by the police for a robbery gone wrong. Lino wants to save himself and therefore to avoid going to jail he accepts an offer given to him by a drug law enforcement unit.

The point on which the first part of the film left us, the sequel will be going up from that point only!!!
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Lost Bullet 2 Release Date

Missing bullet 2

This action-packed sequel to Lost Bullet will be released on Netflix on November 10, 2022. After the long wait of two years, we will finally see Lost Bullet 2!!!

Possible Movie Plot

Missing bullet 2

As mentioned above Lino was a car mechanic and was very infatuated with Ram cars, and ultimately, he lands in a problem to protect himself by accepting an offer given to him by a drug law enforcement unit. But ultimately, things started to change for the worse for Lino.

As Lino is accused of several murders. As soon as Lino wanted to prove himself innocent, he begins the hunt for the bullet that’s being deposited in a missing car.

In the sequel of the film, we will see that after proving himself innocent Lino will be starting a new narcotics unit together with Julia. This time his focus will change to take revenge on the corrupt officials who are responsible for the murder of his brother and godfather.

He will make every possible effort to show their true face to the world and protect people from them.

So this sequel of Lost Bullet will be full of fun, drama, and fight sequences.

The runtime of the film

The runtime of Lost Bullet 2 is simply one hour and 38 minutes which is neither too long nor too short, I believe it’s an ideal length for today’s world film.


Netflix released the trailer of the action packed movie recently. On the YouTube channel of Netflix French. But by any chance, if you have not checked out the trailer yet click on the link below to access the same:

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