We have a new couple in town and we have got the world talking about their super sweet chemistry. Lori Harvey and Dansom Idris recently made their appearance on the red carpet at the premiere of Snowfall and the two looked really and madly in love, so much so that they’re giving fans a couple of massive goals.

Lori was dressed in a black halter neck dress in which she looked amazing while Dansom looked charming as all the time in a black tuxedo dress.

It was last year in June when Lori broke up with her then boyfriend Michael B. Jordan after dating for under a year, the reason for the breakup was rather unclear because sources suggest that the couple was very much in love and Jordan was really committed to the relationship, but something fell apart and the two separated.

Fast forward to November, Lori and Damson they were spotted together for the first time at Odell Beckham Jr.’s birthday event.

Here you can look at some pictures of Lori Harvey and Damson Idris from Red Carpet Debut.

Lori Harvey

Now, earlier this year in January, Lori gave an interview where she talked about what her father Steve Hervey advised her and now she knows that “she is the prize”, all the time.

Well, possibly the guidance must have clicked something in Lori and two weeks later, Lori and Damson are spotted in West Hollywood going hand in hand for the record, it was Lori’s birthday celebration that night , and the next day, boom, the Internet is flooded with pictures of Dansom kissing Lori and wishing her love birthday to her wife, this further confirmed that the two were dating.

The couple was spotted several times out for dinner during Valentine’s Week and Lori posted some pictures of a gift and a superbly written caption expressing love for her new found love.

The couple has a solid potential to become the most loved couple in Hollywood and we will absolutely keep an eye on them to keep you updated.