Love Is Blind Season 2: Love is Blind is a Netflix original show and was instantly popular upon its launch. Every person
he has different imaginations and views about dating or falling in love. It makes us question many inevitable movie plots about love and girl and boy being friends.

Love is Blind became so popular from season 1 itself that there was no scarcity of memes. This got more people interested in following the show and it became an immediate popular hit. This popularity helped the show to get a renewal for season 2 and season 3 from Netflix. Here are a few indications that we can know about the final season 2.

Love Is Blind: About the upcoming Season 2

As the name of the show conveys, the contestants cannot see what the other person looks like. All interactions take place in small rooms called pods and are separated by a wall. This causes limited interaction and contestants need to jump the gun based on these interactions. So, we are all ready to see the pods return for Season 2.

Nick and Vanessa Will be the Host

Love Is Blind Season 2

As much as the contestants bring a show to its popularity, the hosts are equally important. Nick and Vanessa were the hosts for season 1 and it looks like they may be returning for season 2 as well. We cannot wait to see this pair take on the next batch of contestants.

Casting Has Begun in Chicago

Each contestant on the show has a special personality and we expect nothing less from the 2nd season as well. A number of personalities helps the show to keep its spice and the casting has already started for it. Casting is open for the 2nd season and it is quite a lot of work and effort from the production and casting team to get the right people to make the season successful.

Along with the variation in personalities, this season’s fans can even find a broad range of age groups covered. This could lead to some interesting developments in the season.

A possible budget expansion mentioned as season 1 received an awesome response. Due to the pandemic, the pace of production has slowed down. So, we can wait for season 2 until 2021. Fans cannot wait for one more great season and expectations are high.

Keep watching this space for all Love Is Blind season 2 updates. We will be back soon with more information.