Love to Hate You is a South Korean romantic comedy series with uncommon perspectives on gender roles and clichés, making it a fitting release for the February season of affection.

It centers on the romance between Kang-ho, the darling of the Korean rom-com industry, and Mi-ran, a cynical and promiscuous lawyer who is also a little bit of a pig.

However, through fabricated events, they get to know one another, fall in love, and encounter many, if not all, of the typical obstacles that leads in rom-coms must overcome.

Explanation of the end of Love to Hate You.

Love that Hated You

Mi-ran and Kang-ho finally confessed their love for one another and started to develop their relationship, but they still had a difficult road ahead of them. A film shared amongst those who attended the birthday celebration organized by the actor produced an uneasy mood.

When the pair finally learned about the tape, they found out that it was about Mi-prior ran’s novels and life.

The lawyer would travel to bars with diverse guys and have one-night stands. As a result, she faced opposition in the business as individuals began to tarnish Kang-name ho’s reputation.

The actor’s fans asked for the artist to end their relationship and asked for an apology.

After a few days, a few unidentified ladies got together to speak well of Mi-ran. They described her good deeds and how, throughout her life, she protected other women from predatory predators.

The popular perception of Mi-ran gradually improved after this incident spread like wildfire. Mi-ran is convinced to call Kang-ho and make things right by Shin Na-Eun. When the pair meet for the first time, they instantly hit it off.

Although their affection ultimately grows stronger, Mi-ran is not ready to get married. Do Won-jun makes a big move to convince Shin Na-eun to date him, and they subsequently start dating.

Why do Mi-ran and Kang-ho break up in Love to Hate You?

Love that Hated You

The public discovery of Mi-promiscuity, which creates a wide range of issues in both her personal and experienced life, serves as the critical instigating incident of Love to Hate You Season 1 Episode 10.

While she is out and about, she is followed. Finally, her supervisor advises her to resign. Advertisers do not want her, and her crazed followers have been known to throw objects at her. But, obviously, Kang-fame Ho greatly exaggerates this.

Even under the better of circumstances, society is ill-prepared to deal with a lady who acts like a man, but what happens when that man is a well-liked public figure? The odds are undoubtedly against Mi-ran.

For the sake of both Mi-ran and Kang-life, breaking up is the wisest plan of action. The solution is to split publicly while continuing a relationship in secret.

However, not everybody gets the word, including Won-jun, who uses the chance that he may never see Na-eun again to express his feelings for her.

Due to their public personas, Mi-ran and Kang-ho find it impossible to keep their romance under wraps and end up being seen leaving a karaoke club together. The trick annoys everybody, particularly Won-jun, so a choice must be made.

Kang-ho gives a news conference to defend himself, expresses regret for the deception, and declares that he won’t end his relationship with Mi-ran at the whim of others.

Instead, he fakes a grandiose, public marriage proposal that Mi-ran really turns right down to save him additional ridicule and character assassination. Although she is trying to safeguard his image and career, this means that what was once an act of Mi-ran and Kang-tifrik becomes a real ho’s.