With a powerful sense of character and a fast pace, Make My Day overcomes wasteful animation and graphic design in its eight episodes.

The conclusion, action-packed and moving, is when all the efforts that have gone into developing the people, their interactions, and the stakes finally come to a head.

Who Are the Cast Members of Make My Day?

Make My Day
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The cast of Make My Day has been officially announced as follows:

The cast also includes Bill Rogers as Prof. William Boyd, Ryan Colt Levy as Robert Howard, Sarah Anne Williams as Sarah, and others.

Additionally, Masaomi Yamahashi plays Jin, Ayahi Takagaki plays Marie, Kazuhiro Yamaji plays Walter, Akio Ohtsuka plays Commander Bank, Atsuko Tanaka plays Cathy Besk, and more.

There are eight episodes in the series, and every one lasts about 25 minutes.

Make the End of My Day Explained

Make My Day

Jim and the other occupants worked diligently on their strategy to make sure their survival as the last spacecraft to leave the planet was expected to leave at midnight.

Some strange activity was seen on the cameras while they waited for the rescue personnel to show up. The guards surveyed the area where a ship had made an emergency landing.

When they arrived, they saw that it was Commander Bark and a lady they didn’t recognize. Finally, the lady was recognized as Cathy Beck, who was in command of the announcements on the White Prison screen.

They claim that the Swarms that the ship was transporting, in addition to the survivors, attacked the ship, and believe that the Sig woke them up. As soon as they realized that no help was coming, they experienced devastation and hopelessness.

Cathy, however, revealed that she had alerted amenities on the nearest star system to the predicament and that support would come within 24 hours.

How does Jim get away from Coldfoot?

Make My Day

Cathy and Bark, thankfully, think of a technique. Before that, they must use the mass driver in the massive Sig warehouse to boost the launch of a rescue boat in orbit around the system.

Within 24 hours, the first danger signal is answered. They are being defeated there, although, by a large group of larval monsters.

From this point on, as Robert strives to defend himself, it is all action, even planning a method to produce a fight between robot mechs. The invading bugs serve as a helpful timer, and eventually, a last-minute rocket into space saves the gang from certain death.

What happened to Marie?

Make My Day

Marie’s radio signal was lost during the altercation, and Jim rushed to investigate. He learned that Dr. Howard had her under arrest, and planned to escape the ship alone. He set up the bots to attack Jim and Marie and kill any civilians.

After considerable work, Marie finally manages to get Casper to wake up. A swarm breaks inside the building and attacks Howard while the robots fight. The situation calms down once Jim uses the chance to disarm the scientist.