Netflix made the announcement during Geeked Week about some very big anime series and shows coming out later this year and next year. And one of the next anime movies on that list is titled Make My Day, and it is an anime horror movie that will have you on the edge of your seat the whole time.

The movie, which was inspired by Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt creator Yasuo Ohtagaki, will feature amazing sci-fi aesthetics, fantastic narratives, and all the features you love to see in any mecha anime. The film is being directed by Makoto Honda, while 5 Inc. she is responsible for the animation in addition to the character design.

You certainly want to learn everything there’s to know about this horror movie if you enjoyed the horror anime series. So, read this article to the end to learn everything there’s to know about the anime “Make My Day”, including the release date, cast, plot and other details.

Make My Day Netflix Release Date

Make My Day
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The anime season “Make My Day” will be released in February 2023, but no official release date has been announced yet. So, until then, be patient and browse Netflix’s other anime offerings.

Major Casts

Make My Day
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There is not much information available at the moment about the voice actors who will be appearing in the film; however, we know that Makoto Honda, who directed the 3D part of the mobile video game Sakura Revolution, will also serve as the director of this film.

Additionally, CGI animation company 5. Inc., also known simply as Studio 5, will serve as the primary animator and will be responsible for the character designs. Apart from all these, the other cast members that will be included in this anime series are:

1. Masaomi Yamahashi

2. Ayahi Takagaki

3. Kazuhiro Yamaji

4. Akio Otsuka

Anime Series Plot Speculation

Make My Day

Make My Day, a tribute to Yasuo’s artistic creations will show the story of people who are fighting against terrible beasts that endanger the lives of individuals in their world. Will they have the ability to overcome such a persistent threat, or will they bring about the end of their society?

Even if not much is known about Make My Day other than the announcement of the project and the first visual that was given by Netflix, it is clear that the streaming service is striving to carve out a place for itself when it comes. for numerous topics that are explored through the medium of anime.

According to the official Netflix logline, strange creatures unexpectedly emerged from the shadowy depths on a cold planet covered in ice and snow and commenced to attack the locals. Can humanity endure the danger that looms on the horizon?

In February 2020 Netflix stated that it was teaming up with a number of producers, including Ohtagaki, to increase the selection of anime shows available.

Is there a Trailer?

The official trailer for the upcoming anime has not been made public as of this writing.

However, Netflix has released the first terrifying image for Make My Day via their official Twitter account, which shows a ship hovering over a desolate land of icy tundra with huge, strange holes that seem to be the depths of the planet and containing monsters.

Make My Day, a new anime series for Netflix is ​​being produced by the same studio as Exception.

Who Is Ayahi Takagaki?

Make My Day

Ayahi Takagaki is a singer and actress from Japan. In 2007, she performed her first significant voice acting roles, voicing Lucia Nahashi in Venus Versus Virus and Jasmine in Deltora Quest. Her performance of the opening themes of the anime series First Love Limited in April 2009 marked the start of her career as a musician.

She made her debut as the musical group Sphere with their single “Future Stream” in the same month, together with three other voice actors. On August 22, 2019, she posted on her blog that she had gotten married.

Takagaki has a broad range of acting roles, including those of young kids, romantic teenagers, soft and weak girls, older sister types, proper young ladies, boyish women, and serious young women.

In addition to performing as a voice actor, Takagaki also made on-camera appearances. She, together with Aki Toyosaki, Haruka Tomatsu, and Minako Kotobuki, made an appearance on the tv program Anime Song Plus on April 6 as a narrator. She also made appearances on the show as a member of Sphere on April 20 and July 27, 2009, in addition to on her own.