At the Berlin Film Festival that took place recently, all the Hollywood stars made their presence felt. But the arrival of Matt Damon was the most talked about. This is because the actor announced that he will be doing a project based on the recent bad events in Ukraine.

Yes, you read that right. Matt is working hard on his new project. And this will not be anything like you have seen before.

At the Berlin Film Festival, the Good Will Hunting actor shared that he has inside people in Ukraine who are researching the war between Ukraine and Russia. Matt will use that research in the near future to make a movie about it.

What else did Matt say? When will the movie come out? Who will star in it? Read more to get your answers.

Matt Damon’s Next Project Is Based On Ukraine.

Matt Damon

Matt Damon was at the Berlin Film Festival as one of the producers of Kiss The Future. It is a documentary that’s based on the Siege of Sarajevo during the nineties. The documentary is based on the lens of U2’s solidarity.

But that’s not what this article will discuss. It is about Matt’s next project which he’s trying very hard to do. And it’s based on the war between Ukraine and Russia.

When asked about whether the actor seeded himself involved in a project based on Ukraine in the context of Sean Penn’s Superpower which also arrived at the Berlin Film Festival, Matt said the following words:

Matt also mentioned that he has never met the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy. But he was lucky enough to meet Olena Zelenska, his wife at the UN Assembly in 2022.

About Kiss the Future

Matt Damon

Matt shared how his journey to be involved in Kiss The Future began. The film is based under the banner of his joint film company Ben AffleckPearl Street Films.

Damon was approached by Yugoslav-born, San Francisco-based Canadian director Nenad Cicin-Sain. All this happened when the film was just in the development stage.

Matt could not keep himself away from the project as mentioned by him at the Berlin Film Festival. He also said that he was a big part of the editing stage of the film.