Matt Damon has been revealed to be working on the early stages of the Ukraine project. We have seen many a project or movie or series occur in Hollywood which is based on a real life character or event.

It is not essential to go with the same region but also the effect of globalization can be easily noticed. Whether it’s related to the destruction of the world of the political era or even some great accomplishment, now everything comes before the cinema.

And the only reason is the stories through which the makers decided to take the audience and make it public.

The same will occur as the actor Matt Damon revealed that he’s working in the early stages of the Ukraine project. It all came with the press conference for Kissing The Future that took place at the Berlin Film Festival.

He is serving as the producer of this documentary which is about the struggle of the citizens of Sarajevo in the Bosnian War.

KISS the Future is a political documentary that’s directed by Nenad Cicin Sain and based on one of the memories of Bill Carter.

Here is what Matt Damon said about his next Movie.

Matt Damon

It shows the determination that resulted in the investment of the biggest rock band in the world which is U2. It comes with the consideration of following the same for the war in Ukraine so Matt Damon decided to give some updates about it.

He said how everyone seems to be horrified and horrified by the things that happened last year. But at the same time, there isn’t any doubt that they’re doing it and have started working on it.

He started researching it and starting the early stages. Although he has not yet met the president of Ukraine Zelensky however, he met his wife in New York during the General Assembly.

With all these items, Matt Damon also talked about looking forward as he is taken into account one of the anticipated ones.

What he can do is put his capacity and energy to the things he believes to wear and continue to tell the real story. And for him, it’s nothing less than a blessing to show it through the film.

Matt Damon said: “I believe there are lots of fantastic films being made about this now. I’m sure there will be many, many more to come. We do not have anything on right now… even though we in fact have someone out there researching one but it is in its early stages.”

“Nenad is very humble, but it was a very personal story for him and to hear him talk about it, it was really impossible for us not to want to be involved.” Matt continued.