Megan Fox was recently very upset with Machine Gun Kelly and shared a big argument. We have seen how breaking up has become one of the common topics of Hollywood however nothing is simple for those who go with it.

Breaking up is never a simple thing but moving on is harder than this. And if we are talking about these then one cannot forget about that couple of celebrities who are said to be going through the toughest time in their relationship which could lead to a separation.

The same is occurring with Megan Fox and her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly. The couple has recently been seen making many public appearances but the rumors aren’t being clarified.

It was recently when the actress hinted at her breakup with a post on Instagram on February 12, 2023. And according to a close source, a big argument took place between the couple that led to their split.

This enormous argument happened over the weekend which resulted in the Megan Fox breakup hint post. According to the source they’ve gone through multiple issues in the past and they’ve all been quite serious.

Are Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly Still Together?

Megan Fox
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The couple didn’t confirm their breakup but neither did they discuss whether their engagement is still going on or not.

Because of this latest argument, Megan Fox is not talking to Machine Gun Kelly. They haven’t announced their breakup but it is among the expected things as it can occur soon.

The actress is very upset with her current situation in this relationship which is stuffed with quite a lot of tension. They are going through many ups and downs and different kinds of emotions.

All these items can be seen in the recent performance of Machine Gun Kelly which was not like him. He was absolutely present on stage but there was something missing in the performance. According to the source:

“He was not himself and his band carried the show on their backs. It was not a usual MGK performance or what people expect from him. His mic died while he was performing ‘Bloody Valentine’ and he tapped it and looked sad before someone came to replace him.”