Actress Megan Fox has hinted at her breakup with Machine Gun Kelly as she deleted all their photos and spoke about dishonesty. We have seen how the breakup affects one person and cuts him from his roots.

If it isn’t a healthy relationship then walking away by mutual agreement is the best way to go. And the same happens with many celebrities who share the same respect and love for one another even after they’ve broken up.

Certain celebrities in Hollywood are now rumored to be no longer together but no confirmation has been received yet.

The same happened with Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly. Consider being one of the current love couples in Hollywood, now they’re on their way to falling apart.

It was only a week after their date night at the Grammys, the rumors started to speculate again and go around the couple. It was on February 12, 2023 when the actress took to Instagram to hint at her breakup.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly separated.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox posted a series of pictures where she was seen wearing an xy dress. It was a jumpsuit where she appeared to take a mirror selfie.

This dress was the same dress she chose for herself while going to the Super Bowl party Drake with her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly.

When the two were spotted together then all the rumors ended but a post on Instagram the actress is now confirming their separation.

She wrote the lyrics of a song called Pray You Catch Me by Beyoncé. After all these items happened, the actress also deleted all her own pictures with Machine Gun Kelly.

Not only the only thing as she only followed three people on Instagram, excluding her boyfriend. These three are Harry Styles, Timothée Chalametand Eminem.

It is quite shocking for the fans as a few days ago the two were seen holding hands while leaving Drake’s Super Bowl party. And it wasn’t long ago when they shared the same red carpet at the Grammy 2023 on February 5th.

When the rapper couldn’t win his nomination category then the actress gave a brave and robust support to him by writing a fantastic message on Instagram.