Even although it does not have many features, the Microsoft Modern Mobile Mouse works excellently—so long as you use a mouse pad. Its compact design is both a plus and a minus as it makes it portable but lacks the weight needed by those with larger hands or claw grip users. And it is affordable.

The Modern Mobile Mouse is among the smallest mice, making it ideal for people with small hands or those searching for a comparatively compact tool to use on the go. With a base measurement of 4.22 x 2.37 x 1.01in (107.20 x 60.30 x 25.80mm), it can easily slot in a back pocket.

In addition, it weighs only 78g. Although it’s not the lightest we have used, its weight seems evenly distributed, so there aren’t any balance difficulties in this situation. Although it would possibly increase the cost, we believe that a rechargeable battery would be lighter than the two AAA batteries that you currently use.

Microsoft Modern Mobile Mouse Price and Availability

Microsoft's modern mobile mouse

Several to pick from, including Pastel Blue, Sandstone, Poppy Red, Peach, Mint, Ice Blue, Glacier, and Black – all for $39. Unfortunately, certain colours aren’t available in all areas.

If you go cheap, you will end up with a wired option or an off-brand model that can only be found in the depths of Amazon. And to attain their cheaper price points, they have a tendency to make significant sacrifices in terms of style, portability and performance.


Microsoft's modern mobile mouse

The Modern Mobile Mouse has only one type of connectivity (Bluetooth 4.2), but it works flawlessly without interruptions or apparent latency.

The sensor is quick and accurate for most jobs, and if you need to use it for a presentation, you can be sure it will work up to 33ft (10m) away outdoors and up to 16ft (5m) away indoors typical office environment.

At least, the buttons should feel nice. While they do not use mechanical or optical switches – they do have some resistance – the buttons and scroll wheel feel solid and pleasant to push.

Perhaps our most significant complaint with the Modern Mobile Mouse is that it lacks the pads for smooth sliding on varied surfaces, as seen on costlier mice. As a result, it feels strange when used on hard surfaces. However, it glides magnificently and effortlessly on a mouse pad.


Microsoft's modern mobile mouse

The Mobile Mouse connects to your computer via Bluetooth, which is useful if your computer has Bluetooth hardware. Most computer mice have wired or wireless connection options that can be removed, such as a USB receiver.

Bluetooth offers the benefit of being wireless and dongle-free and connecting to devices such as smartphones and tablets. Still, the absence of alternatives will stop some individuals from using this mouse.

Battery life

While we would like a rechargeable battery, two AAA batteries should last a few year. It is worth noting that specific disposable battery-powered mice are available that last longer.


Slim and portable, the Surface Mobile Mouse is optimal for slipping into a laptop bag and running to your next meeting. However, its compact profile makes it a lousy choice for long-term desk jobs.